How the Garden Grows

IMG_0769.JPG So It’s been about two and a half months since we started our gardening experiment and we just harvested our first tomato! (Tasty!)

The planting tub system we purchased is working really well. Some of the plants are well over 6 feet tall and all of them have tomatoes. We did lose one plant, a green zebra. It was sharing a tub with a hillbilly, a cherokee, and boxcar willie so maybe it was suicide. (Those are real tomato plant names.)

We have had a few scares/challenges in the form of fungus, blossom rot, and heavy winds. So with natural remedies and packing tape we have cured and secured our precious plants to the fruit-bearing stage of their lives.

Now that there is likely to be an abundance of tomatoes and hot peppers in the next few weeks, we are thinking of all the ways to use them. Some experiments with pickling, confit, and sauces are on the agenda so far. Let us know if you have any ideas on what else to try.

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