chick dude

The only photo of the chick and the dude together

We’re two people who like to cook, talk, and hang out. We live just outside of Boston now. Kate, the chick, comes from New Jersey, home of summer tomatoes, peaches, corn, and lima beans. Chip, the dude, is from Tennessee, where pretty much everything tastes good all year round.

We met through an accident of fate or by design–it doesn’t really matter–and are roommates who share a big house with two other people–kind of like college, only better, since we all clean up after ourselves and there are no moldy towels on the bathroom floors or brownish/greenish unidentified sludgy stuff in the fridge.

A couple of times a week, or a month, Chip and Kate’s schedules overlap enough for us to get into the kitchen together. That’s when the fun starts.

chick dude food is the result. Pull up a chair. Send a recipe. Make a comment, or, better yet, a joke. We’ll keep a place at the table for you.

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