Shine a Light

Halibut point shine a lightWe’re just like everyone else–we have good days and bad ones, good moods and bad ones, make good choices and bad ones.  But the things that most people sweep under the rug, ignore, live around, never discuss–we have decided to face, shine a light on, and deal with in the open. To take it a step further, we have decided to deal with these things on this blog.

Chip:  I’m from a family that has a tradition of not openly discussing problems. Of thinking if you ignore things maybe they will just go away. Of the seeming belief that if you acknowledge or discuss mental or physical issues, you manifest them into full-blown truths. That saying their name will give them enough power to spring into existence and cause more problems or bring on negative judgements from others.

Kate:  I grew up in a Quaker household, where calm existed on the surface, and intense emotions were held in check to preserve that illusion of peacefulness. In Quaker homes, there’s great value placed on peace and harmony–a lot goes unsaid because confrontation points at messy feelings and as long as the surface of things is smooth, all is well.  Pair this with a worship service that’s silent and you get very quiet people who don’t have any idea how to have a difficult conversation, or deal with difficult issues or feelings.

At chickdudefood we have decided that scary things only exist in the dark. That shining a light on the issues that keep us from living the happiest lives possible is the only way to take away their power. That living in fear and confusion is far worse than anyone’s judgement of us. That people will understand, respect and benefit from our exposure rather than ridicule it.

Our mission is to be happy and to feel good. That means understanding, reinforcing, and building on the good; and, shining the light, being honest about, and dealing with the bad.
We hope you will join us in our quest for joy, happiness, and higher consciousness.

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